Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tiwi T2 - Jangan Bilang Bilang

Out of T2, Tiwi solo career. And this time he feel right to release a single solo. The song titled "Jangan Bilang Bilang" making of Rio Alief now be auditional drummer NOAH. Almost 2 years Tiwi deliberately withdrew from the world n Yanyi. For a while, he wantedconcentrate on his new family, including care of the pu
tra only child Reo Athar Sakuramotho. Do not want to linger meninggalkane world of tennis,
 in the earlyThis year, Tiwi released his solo single entitled "Jangan bilang bilang". "Sing it is like the soul for me. miss sing d late to work again, "said Tiwi. 
Musically, "Do not Say-Say" presented by the co
beat at medium nsep
acoustic touch. However, this song is not "quiet". T
iwi remains hopeful song
still thick with style
and pop sweet.
"I wish there was something new, brighter, or music
morning. I want to split
a new spirit through this song, "said Tiwi.
Split with his partner at T2, Tika, of course menjad
i one of the difficult steps that
should be chosen Tiwi. However, it must be lived as
part maturing in
career. According Tiwi, many fans are memint
A himself to return
"So that's what I do now," he said.
Performed solo is different than when still with Ti
ka at T2. However, singing
Tiwi acclaimed solo gave him plenty of opportunities to mengeksp
lorasi ability
self. Like when he chose a song, or attended the
the new image as a singer
solo. But if the first known Tiwi sassy together Pasanga
nnya, now he confessed
more simple.