Thursday, March 13, 2014

IU - 2000th Day

IU plans to celebrate the anniversary debut to-2000 with the release of a special song. IU announced on her official fan cafe, Uaena.

IU says it will soon release a song entitled "2000th Day" is the possibility of April at the latest. It seems that he himself compose and sing a duet with another singer.

"The song is already finished recording. I hope it will be a spring gift Uaena refreshing to me!" IU wrote. "I wrote it as good as possible and really enjoy it while singing it, so I guess you guys will definitely love it."

"I do not sing it alone but with my friends. Friend you are my friend and my friend is also your friend right? So I hope you will welcome my friend," he continued. "I think I will release it in less than a month."