Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cici Paramida - Andai Sajadah Bicara (ASABI)

Not long after launching the latest song, dangdut singer Cici Paramida recently released a new song, "(ASABI) Andai Sajadah Bicara".

"If prayer rug spoke, he missed the pole bowed to uphold the religion," he said when met philosophize Jatiwaringin media in the region, Bekasi, Saturday, July 20, 2013.

Former wife of the late Ahmad Hamzawi Suhaebi This will include singles compilation album to be supported other dangdut singer.

"Compilation album combined with another friend, also there are also Ikke Nurjanah Chintya Sari," Cici said that bounced its name thanks to the single "RT05/RW03" and "Mulan Merindu" it. He hinted slid album this year.

On the compilation album too, Cici would like to dedicate a song to the late Uje
"Later there are also tracks for Uje. Songs that we dedicate to him," she said.