Friday, July 19, 2013

Andra and The Backbone - Victory

Andra and The Backbone soon release a new album titled Victory, next July. In the new album, will be filled with 10 songs stick with love poems. "The work is finished. If there is no obstacle 5th album was released to the public in early July," said Smith, vocalist Andra and the Backbone on the sidelines enjoying the durian party treats Garuda Plaza Hotel, after appearing in Tebingtinggi.

Smith adds, the album contains 10 tracks consisting of 5 new songs and the rest that have been circulated yet been selected that are considered hits. Although the new, he sure Andra and the Backbone does not come out of the genre of music that has been adopted.

Mentioned about the many celebrities including singer who signed a legislative candidate, vocalist and former capital of the magazine is one of the main reporters laughed. "That's right, respectively. If you feel able to, go ahead," he said.

Smith made ​​sure he has yet attracted into politics because he felt his ability has not been qualified. "Not able to. Leading yourself alone can not, let alone lead the crowd with a variety of different desires." Which one wants to follow, "he said pitched.