Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raisa - Bye Bye

Raisa - Bye Bye :
Raisa Andriana singer released a new single in English titled 'Bye Bye'. Raisa has released a new single reason why it's in English.

"I'm new single titled 'Bye Bye'.'s The first time I use English single. Biar if I gig in Singapore or abroad, people can still nikmatin," raisa said.

Raisa explained that the song has a message to a guy who does not treat his girlfriend well, then it's better left alone. "This song is the message that baseball guys treat girls well, say bye bye wrote," he said.

Women born in Jakarta, June 6, 1990, it was added, he recently released a new single this now before it is cut off during Lebaran. According to a new single video clip was also used thousands of photos.

Lyrics song Raisa - Bye -Bye (Coming Soon)