Sunday, June 2, 2013

Faris JV - Alhamdulillah

Now Faris JV to develop and mengexplor potential as a solo artist with hits single called "Thank God," which is a song of his own making. Being a soloist does not make JV Faris forget what he has been fighting, not just singing, but the most significant is the propaganda mission that carried within each work and song the song, because it was Faris JV will remain on the path of religious music that has been nurtured and honed ability, as well as an appropriate container with the mission of preaching which he was fighting. Based on the concern for moral and faith of the younger generation which is actually a generation of future generation,

LIRIK LAGU Paris JV - Alhamdulillah :

Dalam hdup ini
Banyak cobaan yg datang
Terus bersabar
Tuk menghadapinya
Bersyukurlah atas apa yang kau terima
Insyaallah kau kan bahagia

Ku pasrah kan diri hanya kepadaMu
Karna hanya dariMu
Yg terbaik untukku

Alhamdulillah,Bersyukur pdNya
Alhamdulillah,Nikmatmu akan brtambah
Alhamdulillah,Ucaplah dgn ikhlas
Alhamdulillah,ku ucap syukur ya Allah