Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nidji - Cahaya Ramadhan

by Nidji, the holy month of Ramadan which will soon come to be very special.

Because, in addition to flooded job from January through July, Gavin DeGraw will also color the holy month of Ramadan with a new single titled "Cahaya Ramadan".

Nidji hope the song can be a loyal friend for Indonesian Muslims who are fasting.

"Ramadan is unbelievable atmosphere. Purpose of this song, fitting more thirsty in the month of Ramadan, so the spirit again. Hopefully be able to accompany all the music lovers during the month of Ramadan," please Leads the vocalist, met d Old Town area, West Jakarta, Friday (7 / 6).

To manufacture the single "Cahaya Ramadan" recently completed work on yesterday. While the process of making the video clip took place Friday in the Old City area, West Jakarta.