Saturday, May 25, 2013

CL 2NE1 -- The Baddest Female

The song was previously titled "Bad Girl" ("Bad Girls"), but YG Entertainment announced on May 23, "British title was decided as' Bad Girl 'until this afternoon, but after CL ask what he thinks of the title' The Baddest Female ', we then select it. "

It is known among fans that the CL is like the phrase "The Baddest Female", so the new title seems appropriate. 2NE1's agency decided because laeder well known and polite offstage, but when he's on stage, he becomes 'the baddest female'.

When asked if the title of Lee Hyori's latest album, 'Bad Girls', is a factor in the change of name, YG Entertainment stated that it was not part of the decision making process.

Representative further said, "'the baddest female' is a hip hop song is very slow at 70 BPM, which is not much different from the ballads ... It includes a powerful rap CL along with dougie dubstep and modern sound."

LYRICS SONG CL 2NE1 -- The Baddest Female (COMING SOON)