Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ga In [Brown Eyed Girls] FEAT. Eric [Shinhwa] – Nostalgia

Baru-baru Ga in dari personil Girlband Brown Eyed Girls mengejutkan Fans dengan merilis Singlenya Berjudul Nostalgia featuring dengan personil boyband Shinwa Yaitu Eric. inilah Liriknya :

You held out your big hand
I keep smiling
A sweet, chocolate melody
You touch my head

Your clear eyes look at me
So I let out a whistle
I close my eyes and look at you
You warmly embrace me

Fate has suddenly found me like this
This fluttering excitement wakes me up
It feels like I’m walking on a cloud
Like the freedom of walking on the ocean

When you walk on clouds, I’ll be your wings
When you walk on the ocean, I’ll be your boat
If you want to be free, I’ll walk a step behind you
For you, I’ll run one step forward
You make my heart beat everyday
You raised my standards so I can’t even cheat on you
I’m a loser who is addicted to a game called you
There are no problems with us, with us

I have dreamed of you
You gradually come to me
I close my eyes and look at you
You warmly embrace me

After time passes, stay by me just like now
Walk with me in the endless sky
I can’t hide this great, great happiness

Love is something that gives you great happiness
Destiny easily gives me the feeling of walking on clouds
The freedom of walking on the ocean