Wednesday, November 16, 2011

T-Pain Feat. Fatman Scoop, Lil Jon - Bring The Club Back (Do It)

somebody ... me quick
i wanna be .. shorty you know me
i know you are from t he hood tell me what you wanna do
let you .. on my bounce i keep looking at you
i have the thing to make you lose your mind
do the type right like is summer time
these other guys were doing it too slow
.. rocks and move it a little more

popping are .. non stop when i am rocking
..knocking on my pockets drop it like is hard
finally give her the good words
she wanna come in the club and get loose
and i see break news
throw your hands up and say aaa
and make all of the fellows say my my my
come down smoke down
give me girls drink girl all girls
.. kind of lame somebody better tell him…

bring the club back
show him how to do it
put your back do it do it
i am bringing the club back
let me see you shake it shake it
you want me to give it to you girl
i am bringing the club back