Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Marques Houston - Favorite Stripper

ey eye y, eye y ey
ey ey ey, ey ey ey ey
hey eye y
am i gon’ kiss her, am i gon’ kiss her
hey hey, favorite stripper, favorite stripper

now pocket full of money and i’m rolling
calling cause is strip .. 4 in the morning
pull up to the ..late .. side way
..who i am and the .. of money who i am
walk up in the club she like who boyfriend
i’m a damn my baby she the best thing going
she the never scared and jealous ‘cause the money ain’t strong
she making my way over of me yeah
whenever we’re together we’ll be getting real
security be watching but my baby ..
she do ii a .. depending how she feelin
ain’t no tell em what i’m ..
other girls are beautiful but she ..y chick
she got ..homie she aint’ got nothing to play with
facing watching dancing all up on me they hate yeah they hate
i’m talking by my

favorite stripper , favorite stripper
yeah and when i see her yeah you know i’m gonna sipper
gotta get that i hope i don’t .. yeah
favorite stripper, yeah favorite stripper
talking by my favorite stripper, talking by my favorite stripper
ooh i gotta get .. i get the .. so i ..
i get the rely so i hope i don’t miss her
favorite stripper favorite stripper

yes we are in .. a relationship
cause when she sees me she dance with many other chick
she just you know who we’re with
she get all emotional and girls ..
some down do a nigga mad and she go hard for a nigga
damn she so bad, i ain’t afraid to say it she the best i ever had
she the best i ever get it ..why are you ..
whenever we’re together we become real freaky
you don’t even watching but my baby real sneaky
she do what i like when i like it, how i like it girl
now she feelin like no girl ..
other girls are beautiful she ain’t nothing like ..
she doesn’t .. homie she ain’t nothing to play with
facing watching dancing all up on me they hate yeah they hate


and you .. in the vip yeah ..for me
i’m in love with you and your body
yeah i’m facing you between you and me yeah
hey yeha yeah
favorite stripper