Friday, November 25, 2011

Brown Eyed Girls - Tagger (술래)

On drunken nights, you used to come to me
But before I opened my eyes, you left me
I tried to end things with you, who loved me without the other woman knowing
But it didn't work

Why did you turn your phone off? Why do you keep looking at your watch?
I hate myself for knowing but still wanting you

* I love you but it really hurts
I love you but it's really hard
Go back to her side -
Before you leave her, don't come back to me

The fragrance on your body is always hers
Now even I'm used to it
In your heart (stop, please stop), your trembling heart (stop, please stop)
How many times will it beat for me?

Can't you only have me? Can't you leave her?
It's so sad that I know but still expect things

* repeat

Stop, please stop - stop, please stop (please stop)
But I love you
This is enough now, you can't look for me anymore
For her, don't want me

If I can, I will erase you - If I can, I will forget
Every day I make these same promises
And I've waited for you for countless days

I love you, I love you