Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Amy Winehouse - Between The Cheats

i would die before divorce you
i'd take a thousand thumps for my love
'cause you kiss a lucky horseshoe
stuck it in my boxing glove
'cause anyone who will see us
through our victory and done defeat
knows that i'll take you to the cleaners
if you come between the cheats

between the cheats, ooooeeoooo
between the cheats, ooooeeeooo

my husband is the finest handsome hustler
and he still makes this housewife blush
so i'm throwing my hand in his
i'm sitting on the royal flush
women drink him in, swimming in his green eyes
then go home and catch the chips you got…
the jack of hearts is my jackpot

between the cheats, ooooeeeooooo
between the cheats, ooooeeeeoooo

catch me on...
and i know as my heart beats
there's a win secret to...
and it's sworn between the cheats

between the cheats, oooooeeeooooo
between the cheats, oooooeeeooooo
between the cheats, oooooeeeeoooo

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